The Aliada Archangelos project has been ongoing since 1995 resulting in a skilfully developed residential area just a few minutes walk from the 17th century Archangelos monastery. The ideal situating of the site allows fast and easy access to both the city centre and out-of-city travel, close proximity to the local primary school and gymnasium, all the while being a self-contained, quiet, residential area full of green spaces.

Regulating over 200 plots of land, Aliada Archangelos has carefully built a number of detached houses, the one next to the other, all displaying the highest standards of modern architecture and construction, yet each holding its own individual design and layout, consequently creating a dynamic neighbourhood of high quality homes. Moreover, despite the fact that the planning regulations allow for 90% of each plot to be developed, Aliada targets to develop only 70% thus ensuring wider green areas, more breathing space between houses, and providing more privacy. At the same time Aliada works closely with its subsidiary company Gardens Etc. in order to create lush foliage throughout the area.

Aliada Archangelos is the perfect place for those who wish to live and raise their families in a calm, green environment within the city, secure in the knowledge that not only their homes have been professionally and meticulously built to the finest specifications available, but also that the entire area promises to offer the same calibre of housing throughout.

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