Legal & Tax- Title Deeds

The transfer of freehold ownership from seller to buyer is a simple procedure which takes place at the Land Registry Department.
Manglis Group has title deeds for all of its plots, hence when the buyer buys a house on a whole plot the transfer of the title deed in the name of the buyer is done simultaneously with the delivery of the house provided that any due amount to Manglis Group is paid.
In the cases where the buyer buys a house which is part of a unify development or he buys an apartment the title deeds are issued a few years after the completion of the unify development or apartment block. The title deeds are always in the name of Manglis Group, and then Manglis Group transfers the title deed of each unit in the name of the buyer
By depositing the contract of sale at the Land Registry Department, the buyer prevents the developer from transferring the property to someone else and also has the right to seek specific performance.
By purchasing your property from Manglis Group you are guaranteed that your property’s title deed will be transferred in your name.